Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
FCL Corporate Values
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Core Principles for the Co-op Refinery Complex (CRC)
There are four Core Principles for the CRC. These Core Principles, in order of priority, are to:
  1. Ensure the safety of all personnel and the public at large.
  2. Ensure that all equipment is of high integrity and is maintained and operated to mitigate safety risks.
  3. Ensure that the management of environmental affairs and responsible stewardship is always at the highest level.
  4. Ensure that quality products and services are provided by all Co-op Refinery Complex work groups.
Core Principles
Experience the Co-op Refinery Complex
Experience the rewards of working for the
Co-op Refinery Complex (CRC), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Federated Co-operatives Limited serving the Co-operative Retailing System (CRS) of approximately 235 autonomous retailers. Located in Regina, Saskatchewan, we have been manufacturing high quality petroleum products since 1935.

Over the past 20 years, we have more than doubled the amount of crude oil we process each day. To meet growing CRS demands, we are expanding our facilities again to increase our refining capacity to 130,000 barrels daily in 2012.
Safety First
Our "Work Safe" Approach
The CRC has a "Work Safe" Approach that is a key and essential component of the CRC Safety Program. All personnel at the Co-op Refinery Complex, employees and contractors alike, shall personally promote safe behaviour, monitor for safe behaviour, and correct unsafe behaviour or unsafe situations immediately.